No matter the industry—manufacturing, distribution, consumer goods or software— enterprises must stay ahead of market changes and immediately respond to customer needs.

Customer-First B2B Commerce

  • Puts the customer at the core using real-time data on Salesforce to inform every customer interaction across sales, service, marketing and commerce
  • Supports multiple commerce models with a single platform including multi-tier distribution, direct, wholesale, dealer, subscription
  • Gets you to market quickly so you can increase revenue and reduce costs without delay
  • Allows you to easily update your site, adapting to market conditions and customer needs
  • Is dynamic and data driven, enabling you to understand, predict, and shape buyer behavior
  • Lets you configure (not code) because it’s built for business users and requires less IT effort
  • Fits your business: requires no IT upheaval, and easily adapts to existing systems and processes
  • Has a modern, cloud architecture, featuring multi-tenant SaaS and a pay-as-you-grow model

Commerce Capabilities

Customer and market dynamics change rapidly. CloudCraze empowers your business to meet these demands with robust features that support omni-channel engagement:

Complex. Sophisticated. We make it easy.

B2B relationships are complex, interconnected and entwined with multiple systems. So we built our commerce platform to work efficiently within this reality. CloudCraze has an API-first, microservices oriented architecture that supports your front-office and back-office needs. It allows businesses to take advantage of innovations—like artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT—without building complex integrations from scratch or disrupting core functionality. CloudCraze translates to a connected, rich and engaging customer experience that drives revenue and satisfaction.

CMS IoT Mobile Applications ERP Financials Supporting Systems Platform Services Customer Extension Points Back Office Logic Services Salesforce Data Services Data Model REST API

Not on Salesforce? Not a problem.

Even if you aren’t using Salesforce, you can still access all the commerce benefits of CloudCraze. When you’re a CloudCraze customer, you gain access to every Salesforce Cloud app necessary to get the most out of CloudCraze.

Fast to deploy, connected to customers, and infinitely scalable, CloudCraze can help any business deliver seamless customer interactions across channels.

Schedule a demo today to see how CloudCraze can work for your business – whether you’re a Salesforce customer or not.

Featured Customer Stories

“We now have the chance with the CloudCraze infrastructure to really become more of a hub for our industry.”

Achim Voermanek, Head of Marketplace Division

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“A benefit of having CloudCraze on Salesforce or eCommerce on Salesforce is that it’s fast to deploy.”

Lori Jarchow, Customer Facing Solutions

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"We have been able to increase first-time-right orders by 300 percent."

Steven VanDamme, Global CIO

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