CloudCraze and its Customers Celebrate the Salesforce AppExchange 3 Million Installs

Written by , Vice President, Marketing | Apr 28, 2015


Today the Salesforce AppExchange celebrates hitting the 3 million installs mark. This is a key milestone for the application marketplace because it emphasizes that businesses have firmly adopted applications from the Salesforce Cloud as an important part of their business strategy.

With over 2700 applications in the marketplace, there are plenty to choose from.

As an AppExchange offering, CloudCraze has experienced the benefits of the Salesforce AppExchange. Companies looking to find the righteCommerce application may search the web for “Salesforce eCommerce” or “Mobile eCommerce.” The search engine often directs them to the CloudCraze listing on the Salesforce AppExchange. Through the listing they can learn about CloudCraze, browse screenshots and view a demo. CloudCraze receives ahigh percentage of leads each month from the AppExchange.

More importantly, CloudCraze has helped many of the AppExchange customers transform their businesses through Enterprise eCommerce on Salesforce. With CloudCraze, customers have replaced aging on-premise ecommerce solutions and achieved an ROI in as little as five months. Others have launched new business models with the speed and agility afforded only by a proven cloud solution.

CloudCraze customers have said it best:

Govind Kuvda – “Excellent eCommerce platform forSalesforce-centric companies.”

Lori Jarchow – “Every division in our company wants to know what CloudCraze is about!”

Mark Dostalek – “CloudCraze hit all the marks we needed for our eCommerce project.”

Anthony O’Callaghan – “An eCommerce solution which is very flexible, rich in functionality and quick to deploy, I would highly recommend CloudCraze.”

With the explosive growth of Salesforce and the AppExchange in the last several years, it is likely that the next milestone is not too far off. CloudCraze and its customers will be right there, celebrating with them.

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