Breaking Down the Benefits of Scalable eCommerce

It is now more important than ever to realize the benefits of scalable eCommerce. A robust, agile B2B eCommerce platform separates the haves from the have-nots. The right solution can set your business up for increased sales, establish new revenue channels and achieve greater customer loyalty.

Why ERP-Based eCommerce Doesn’t Cut It

In today’s B2B eCommerce landscape, ERP-based platforms can cause businesses to fall behind. They’re simply not agile enough to meet the rigors of the complex B2B sales environment or the demand placed on brands by digitally-savvy business customers.

Other ERP-based roadblocks include:

  • High operating costs
  • Complex software integrations
  • Disparate or inaccurate buyer data
  • Slow implementation times

4 Benefits of Scalable eCommerce

A robust eCommerce platform overcomes challenges posed by ERP-based platforms and gives customers the intuitive buying experience they’re after. And the benefits of scalable eCommerce solutions are difficult to ignore:

  1. Robust Architecture – The last thing you want is to outgrow your eCommerce platform. Scalable solutions are agile and adaptable, iterating to keep up with brand and market growth.
  2. Fast Deployment – You don’t want to spend months waiting for technology to go live. Scalable solutions are quickly deployed and help streamline integrations, which means you get in front of customers and generate revenue faster.
  3. Comprehensive Customer Views – Data is everything. One of the benefits of scalable eCommerce technology is that it presents a real-time, 360-degree view of customers. With 24/7 information on customers, you can better understand, predict and influence buyer behavior, which can inform your future releases.
  4. Hassle-Free Integration – It shouldn’t be complicated to integrate existing CRM technology with commerce solutions. Scalable software solutions is built to work seamlessly with your existing CRM – and in some cases, are built natively on a CRM platform.

Upgrade Your Business with Scalable eCommerce

CloudCraze knows scalability. It’s one of the features our Salesforce-native platform does best. Designed to adapt to market demands and scale to meet brand growth, our intuitive solution transforms your B2B eCommerce strategy.
The benefits of scalable eCommerce with CloudCraze are hard to ignore:

  • Cloud-Based Architecture – Born in the cloud, our solution features multi-tenant SaaS ad a pay-as-you-grow model.
  • Data-Driven Selling – CloudCraze’s customer-centric platform is entirely data-driven, delivering comprehensive customer data that better informs buying behavior.
  • Adaptable Technology – We help your business eliminate data and software silos, keeping up with continuously evolving market dynamics.

Only CloudCraze allows businesses to move beyond legacy commerce systems to a customer-focused, fast and scalable commerce model. To learn more about how cloud commerce is transforming the B2B sales function, download our eBook, "Winning in the Age of the Connected Consumer."