Breaking Down the Benefits of Cloud-Hosted eCommerce Platforms

The benefits of cloud-hosted eCommerce platforms are increasingly difficult to ignore – especially for B2B brands tired of their current ERP-based systems. Unlike legacy eCommerce technology, cloud-based solutions are a scalable alternative that changes how you interact with customers.

5 Benefits of Cloud-Hosted eCommerce Platforms

Many companies have hesitated to make the shift toward cloud-based eCommerce due to implementation concerns (i.e., fears regarding cost, staff adoption, the ROI). But the benefits of cloud-hosted eCommerce platforms outweigh any apprehensions you might have about switching solutions:

  1. Rapid Deployment – Technology shouldn’t take months to get to market. Cloud-hosted solutions are quickly deployed resulting in minimal downtime, allowing you to get in front of customers and drive revenue faster.
  2. Robust Architecture – The demands of today’s B2B selling environment are rigorous. Robust cloud-based eCommerce platforms are built to handle the fast-paced, evolving nature of digital commerce, meaning you never fall behind.
  3. Simple Integration – ERP-based commerce solutions don’t act in unison with CRM technology, creating serious backend issues. Cloud-hosted eCommerce platforms are easily integrated with existing technology, or in some cases, are built natively on CRM to simplify integration.
  4. 360-Degree Customer Views – Never lose insight into customers again. Since cloud-based technology houses information in a centralized database, you have access to real-time customer data. That means 100 percent connectivity, 24/7.
  5. Scalability – You need technology that grows with you. One of the benefits of cloud-hosted eCommerce platforms is that they’re scalable, quickly adapting functions and channels to keep pace with brand growth.

Finding Your Cloud-Based eCommerce Technology

As you begin your search for cloud-hosted eCommerce technology, it’s important to remember that no two solutions are the same. Platforms might appear to have the capabilities you need but a deeper dive reveals there isn’t much beyond the surface.
How can you distinguish agile solutions from the average ones? Look for a provider that:

  • Serves some of the world’s biggest brands, transforming those companies’ B2B eCommerce Strategies.
  • Can point to customer success stories that detail the advantages of leveraging cloud-based eCommerce solutions.
  • Leverage a trusted CRM, like Salesforce, to support a completely transparent platform.

CloudCraze: The Cloud-Based eCommerce Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

At CloudCraze, we understand adopting new eCommerce technology can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve designed our cloud-based, Salesforce-native solution to be simple, user-friendly and scalable. Our technology enables you to remain 100 percent connected to customers throughout the entire buying journey.
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