Appy Eight Years! CloudCraze Celebrates its 8th Anniversary on the AppExchange

Written by , | Nov 06, 2017

Eight years ago today, CloudCraze was officially listed on the AppExchange. The Salesforce ecosystem has changed a lot in the past 8 years and so has our solution and company.

When CloudCraze was initially listed on the AppExchange it started out catering to desktop ordering. B2B experiences were still somewhat plain with no extra bells and whistles. Simple cart functionality and advanced pricing capabilities sufficed.

In the past eight years, we’ve seen a shift towards mobile-first ordering – the convenience of allowing customers to order while on-the-go. Our solution is now responsive and mobile-optimized. We offer mobile-specific templates. This allows business buyers to do a lot of the things they were doing on paper via mobile and tablet – such as running through a checklist, reordering and more.

We’ve also seen an increased need for more dynamic B2B buying experiences. Business buyers increasingly demand B2C-like, content-rich storefronts. Our solution now offers enhanced:

  • Experience Management – Curate an engaging, modern online experience with embedded, pixel-perfect content.
  • Catalog Management – Create dynamic, digital catalogs with images, video and PDFs. You can also customize catalogs for specific customers.

And our B2B commerce capabilities are only going to continue to evolve. CloudCraze is adopting future-state items, like Salesforce’s Einstein, to continue to deliver hyper-personalized, highly rich experiences – for administrators, sales reps and business buyers.

With every new release of CloudCraze, we are even more tied to the Salesforce team and offering. Eight years ago, commerce was just a blimp on Salesforce’s radar. But within the past few years, we’ve seen commerce now take a seat at the table. Many of the largest Salesforce customers, such as Coca-Cola and Adidas, use CloudCraze and/or Commerce Cloud to drive online revenue and establish a strong omnichannel presence both in B2B and B2C.

Since 2009, CloudCraze has shifted from a product in its infancy to a thriving company where continuous improvement is a core tenet. The architecture has been rewritten, is thoroughly documented, service-oriented, modular and extensible. And CloudCraze is rapidly growing – we received $20M in funding this past January from Salesforce Ventures and Insight Venture Partners, and we’ve increased our employee base by over 60%.

It’s been amazing to see how CloudCraze and Salesforce have continued to work together to drive B2B commerce forward. And we’re excited to see what the next eight years has in store for our solution and the industry.

To learn more about CloudCraze and its capabilities, check out our fact sheet.

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