Advantage of Cloud Commerce on Salesforce

CloudCraze delivers robust B2B commerce native on Salesforce. It leverages the trusted Salesforce infrastructure to help businesses generate online revenue fast and easily scale for growth. Gain a competitive advantage by using the only commerce solution built on Salesforce, CloudCraze.

Core Salesforce Capabilities

As a native application on Salesforce, CloudCraze leverages the core capabilities of the Salesforce platform, including a shared database, standard and custom objects, workflow rules, localization, reporting and more. With the base functionality in place, CloudCraze focuses development on building a robust commerce platform on top of Salesforce. It also means that with CloudCraze, you work in “clicks, not code,” making the platform easy, flexible and fast for both your business and IT teams to use.

Regular Upgrades

Salesforce delivers upgrades three times a year, from small enhancements to major product launches. This is the value of SaaS. As a native solution, CloudCraze follows the same upgrade cycles as Salesforce, meaning you can immediately take advantage of platform, feature and functionality upgrades and innovation.

No Integration Required

Because CloudCraze is built natively on Salesforce, there is no integration required between CloudCraze and Salesforce. You can connect any existing enterprise technology or integrations on Salesforce with CloudCraze, whether it’s your ERP system, a variety of micro-services or components from another technology platform. With native commerce, you have less connectors to build and maintain.

Gain a 360-Degree View of Customers

The powerful combination of CRM and commerce gives businesses access to complete and accurate customer data, which leads to informed interactions and superior engagement. CloudCraze offers businesses a single lens across all channels and functions - Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud. Transform your customer relationships through this data-driven approach.

Trusted Salesforce Infrastructure

CloudCraze is built natively on the secure, compliant, scalable and reliable Salesforce Infrastructure. It’s a trusted infrastructure that supports transparency and constant innovation, and CloudCraze is leading that innovation in commerce.

Cloudcraze and Salesforce

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“We now have the chance with the CloudCraze infrastructure to really become more of a hub for our industry.”

Achim Voermanek, Head of Marketplace Division

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“A benefit of having CloudCraze on Salesforce or eCommerce on Salesforce is that it’s fast to deploy.”

Lori Jarchow, Customer Facing Solutions

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"We have been able to increase first-time-right orders by 300 percent."

Steven VanDamme, Global CIO

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