4 Things You Need in an Enterprise eCommerce Platform

The right enterprise eCommerce platform can be the difference between strong sales and a top-tier customer buying experience, and so-so performance with less-than-stellar customer sentiment. But with hundreds of commerce platforms available, how can you be sure you’re selecting technology with the highest potential for ROI?

4 Key Features of Worthwhile Enterprise eCommerce Platforms

There’s no arguing that an eCommerce platform is essential to business success. Yet many companies still rely on legacy commerce systems. And often, these systems are inflexible, outdated and don’t work well with CRM solutions. For several B2B businesses, the consequence has been nearly $2 million in lost revenue.
Don’t get bogged down with inflexible technology. You need an enterprise eCommerce platform that is agile, transparent and works seamlessly with your CRM. Not sure where to start? Look for a solution that:

  • Provides Granular, In-depth Customer Data – Data is king for B2B commerce brands. Information like demographics and buying behaviors can help you make the most of marketing and sales initiatives.
  • Requires Zero Integration – Complicated software integrations are a time and money black hole. Look for an eCommerce platform that doesn’t require IT staff to build and maintain complex integrations, and is simple to roll out to employees.
  • Lives on CRM technology like Salesforce – A big setback of antiquated technology is that eCommerce and CRM solutions act as siloed systems. This leads to more data disparities, affecting your read into customer insights. Consider an enterprise eCommerce platform that is housed on CRM technology like Salesforce. Instead of moving between two systems, everything you need is housed in a single location.
  • Drives an Omnichannel Experience – Your eCommerce platform should create a personalized, multi-channel ordering experience at every touchpoint. Leverage technology that allows you to successfully manage payment, order fulfillment and subscriptions. Customers want convenient shopping experiences. A robust enterprise eCommerce platform that drives omni-channel support allows customers to make purchases wherever and whenever they choose.

The Enterprise eCommerce Platform You’ve Been Waiting For

At CloudCraze, we didn’t just want to provide an eCommerce platform for businesses. We wanted to give them an agile, flexible and scalable solution that addresses the complexity of B2B relationships.
Our platform is built on Salesforce, the world’s most trusted CRM technology. We leverage Salesforce’s trusted infrastructure, which allows our customers to take advantage of:

  • Core Salesforce Capabilities – CloudCraze leverages the core capabilities of the Salesforce platform, including standard and custom objects, workflow rules, localization and reporting.
  • Regular Upgrades – CloudCraze follows the same upgrade cycle as Salesforce (three times a year), so your technology is constantly evolving with customer and industry demands.
  • Zero Integration – Since CloudCraze is built natively on Salesforce, there is no integration required.

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