3 Lessons Learned from Salesforce World Tour Minneapolis

Written by , | Dec 07, 2015

Last week, we joined thousands of Salesforce users, partners, employees and advocates from Minneapolis and around the country for the Salesforce World Tour in Minneapolis. Nestled in the heart of Minneapolis at the Hilton, the Salesforce World Tour Minneapolis showcased the vibrant and growing Salesforce ecosystem, and offered valuable breakout sessions and networking opportunities in the Customer Success Expo.

Jennifer John Todd at MSPWe had a busy day at the CloudCraze booth speaking with hundreds of people who are using Salesforce to grow their businesses and connect with customers in new ways. Our vice president, Shawn Belling, joined CloudCraze customer Lori Jarchow, director of IT business solutions at Ecolab, for the pragmatic breakout session, “Delivering Value Through an Enterprise Portal with Community Cloud.” Lori discussed the value of Ecolab deploying CloudCraze storefronts in three of their business units. Tracy Thomas, senior marketing manager at Ecolab, and Eric Scheel, chief technology officer at Magnet 360 also participated in the panel, offering valuable insight into how businesses can use Community Cloud to improve collaboration between companies, customers, partners and employees.

Lori Shawn on stage MSP

In case you missed the panel, here are the three key lessons we learned:

1. Legacy eCommerce Systems Do Not Stack Up to CRM eCommerce: Combining social eCommerce with business processes and data helps organizations scale faster and more efficiently, while dramatically increasing digital revenue and the customer experience. Prior to implementing eCommerce on Salesforce with CloudCraze, Ecolab used an outdated, legacy eCommerce platform that did not meet its current business needs and made it difficult for IT to manage. The company needed a solution that empowered its business customers across one million locations in 171 countries.

2. eCommerce on Salesforce Simplifies Integration and Provides a 360-View of Customers: With eCommerce on Salesforce through CloudCraze, Ecolab created a single, cohesive portal for its global customers. The new experience featured capabilities such as user registration and administration, customer service support, translation and globalization, and consistent branding across Ecolab’s five divisions, each with custom functionality and educational materials. The platform also offered seamless navigation, content management, application integration, web analytics and usage tracking, while improving the user interface.

MSP Session screen3. Agile Methodology Helps Companies Launch eCommerce Faster, More Reliably: An agile methodology and cross-functional IT and business teams from Ecolab, CloudCraze and Salesforce allowed Ecolab to launch its first eCommerce storefront in eight weeks—an unprecedented speed-to-market, according to Lori Jarchow. It carried a lower cost of entry, making it possible for Ecolab to “pay as it grows,” while eliminating the need for hosting, app administration and manual upgrades.

By viewing the CloudCraze eCommerce implementation on Salesforce as a program rather than one-and-done project, Ecolab set itself up for ongoing success and the ability to deploy new features, functionality and integrations to additional divisions across the world. To learn more about Ecolab’s success with eCommerce on Salesforce, watch our YouTube video.

Later this week, we’ll be at the Salesforce World Tour in Atlanta on Wednesday, December 9. Will you be there? Register for free and join us and thousands of other Salesforce users to exchange best practices, lessons learned and insight!

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