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10 Reasons Why We Love the Salesforce AppExchange – #AppExchange10

Written by , | Jan 14, 2016

Today marks a significant milestone for the Salesforce AppExchange – its 10th birthday! The AppExchange has been invaluable to our growth and success at CloudCraze. To celebrate this exciting event, we partnered with the AppExchange to donate $10 to Girls Who Code for every AppExchange install on January 14 – show your support by downloading an AppExchange app today.


The CloudCraze Chicago team wishes AppExchange a happy birthday!

In honor of its 10th birthday, here are 10 reasons why we love the AppExchange:

  1. Drives Positive Business Impact: The AppExchange is the largest app marketplace for cloud-based business software. CloudCraze joined the AppExchange early on—in 2009. In addition to the talented and dedicated eCommerce and Salesforce experts at CloudCraze, the AppExchange has played an important role in our growth and driving positive business results for our organization and our clients over the last seven years.
  1. Allows us to Deliver Strong ROI for our Customers: The AppExchange also helps us drive positive business impact for our B2B enterprise customers. After using CloudCraze, our average customer realizes a 10% increase in average order size, 50% faster order-placement times, 300% increase in order accuracy and compliance, and an 80% reduction in order-placement costs.
  1. Helps Customers Gain a 360 View of Customers: One of the most important benefits of implementing native eCommerce on Salesforce with CloudCraze is gaining a holistic view of customers. By using eCommerce on Salesforce, enterprises naturally extend their CRM investment and achieve more effective and productive customer relationships. Customers can find even more business apps in the AppExchange that help them gain value from the 360-degree view of the customer achieved with eCommerce on Salesforce.
  1. Offers Something for Everyone: With more than 1,700 apps across categories, the AppExchange makes it easy for organizations to search and find apps that meet their business needs, generate greater ROI and simplify employees’ lives. Some of our largest clients like Avid and Pono first discovered the possibility of doing eCommerce on Salesforce by browsing the AppExchange and finding CloudCraze.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.47.50 AM

A few of CloudCraze’s Women in Technology

  1. Provides Valuable Content: AppExchange houses valuable forms of content to help organizations choose the best app for their business needs. This includes great resources like customer and partner reviews. It also allows AppExchange partners to upload demos and useful content, such as customer support and free trial information.
  1. Facilitates a Strong Partner Ecosystem: AppExchange has built a vibrant partner community. We partner with several other AppExchange apps and focus on making our technology integrate seamlessly with other apps that our customers are using. This further extends the value of our customers’ Salesforce.com investment and generates maximum business impact.
  1. Hosts Great Events: Aside from delivering great business value and serving as a resource for customers, the AppExchange hosts a variety of fun events throughout the year. This includes DemoJam, a monthly competition that brings together at least four AppExchange apps for three-minute demos.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.01.45 AM

Salesforce MVP Phil Weinmeister representing CloudCraze at the 2015 Atlanta DemoJam

  1. Supports Our Technology’s Growth: Since joining the AppExchange in 2009, our business has grown exponentially along with the AppExchange’s growth. CloudCraze has been adding new clients and staff more rapidly year over year, especially in 2015 and 2016. We’ve increased headcount significantly and are positioned to be the fastest-growing SaaS company in Chicago.
  1. Enables Scalability: The AppExchange offers many long-term enterprise solutions, such as CloudCraze. With eCommerce on Salesforce, companies can start out with a minimum viable eCommerce product to offer their customers, and scale up as needed. They do not need to spend 18 months or more on complex eCommerce implementations with every feature and functionality under the sun. Companies can start with what they need to meet B2B buyers’ needs, and scale up as their revenue from eCommerce grows.
  1. Fosters Innovation and Constant Improvement: The AppExchange fosters continuous improvement and innovation by creating a marketplace for Lightning Components. Lightning Components simplify the development of responsive applications on mobile and desktop by improving performance and speed to launch. CloudCraze eCommerce Lightning Components are coming soon!

We are proud to be on the AppExchange and playing a key role in Salesforce’s growing ecosystem. Congratulations to Salesforce on the AppExchange’s 10th birthday and to many more productive years to come. Want to get involved in the conversation? Use #AppExchange10 and tell us what you think on social media by tagging @CloudCraze.

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